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Barcoding, Labelling and Inventory Management

Effective Tracking Leads to Savings

The Philosophy

Sales Order process is known by many other names e.g. order processing system, sales and distribution. It is the most essential process for any business as it provides a view of the complete sales cycle highlighting inefficiencies in the other allied process e.g. warehouse management, billing & invoicing etc. It also provides input to the Production Management and Material Management or Purchase Management processes. In a nutshell a sales order process for products with low customization can be depicted as below:

Purchase Order --> Inventory Management Process --> Shipping --> Payment & Invoicing

For products with high customization it varies slightly as depicted below:

Purchase Order --> Materials Management --> Production Management --> Shipping --> Payment & Invoicing

At Rudrarjun Engineering and Business Consultants (REBC), we understand the current (As-Is) process in your organization based on the following parameters:

  1. Customer Profile

  2. Product Profile

  3. Process Complexity

    • Human intervention

    • Bottlenecks

    • Paper work

    • Interfaces to other processes

    • Risk mapping

We prepare a detailed Process Analysis Report highlighting which tasks or activities can be optimised, automated or retained. This document serves as a scope document should you decide to go for automating the process.

If you decide to automate the process, we can further guide you (in terms of people, process and technology) in your build v/s buy decision, go-no go decision. We extend our consultancy services to even provide customized software for automating your process.

Depending on the client requirements and process analysis we provide a N-tier, scalable, robust and multichannel enabled software that is future-ready in terms of quick-turn-around time for the dynamic marketplace.



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