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What is BPM and Why do you need it ?

Before we answer these questions we would like to ask you few simple yet pricking questions?

  1. Are your multiple manufacturing units in sync with each other?

  2. Is your warehouse algorithm optimised to minimise the transportation cost?

  3. Are you worried about too much human intervention in the Sales Order process?

  4. Are you struggling to keep pace with the market in terms of providing new services or enhancing product specs.?

  5. Are you agile enough to adapt quickly to the changing regulatory and taxation landscape?

  6. How to find higher number of my target customers and how can I retain them

So most of the industries have these common business processes that work in tandem to achieve business objective. the complexity of operations may vary depending on the type and scale of the industry.

This complex web of interdependent processes forms a chain and as we all know that a chain is as strong as the weakest link. So it becomes absolutely imperative to improve the efficiency of the current processes so as to remain competitive.

Thus Business Process Management is a systematic application of the tools, techniques and technology to identify and rectify the process inefficiencies and monitor them so that the objective of the process is aligned to the goal of the organization.

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