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Cleanroom Consumables & Disposables

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This concept is not a very old concept, with increase in awareness about hygiene & quality standards, Cleanroom has become necessity and is implemented beyond food & pharmaceutical industries. Critical automotive spare parts, electronic goods manufacturers are manufacturing their products under cleanroom facilities & chemical laboratories are performing the tests under cleanroom environment.

Cleanrooms are distinguished in terms of classes, right from class1 to class9. The cleanest cleanroom is termed as class1 and the norms are very stringent to maintain the same. The cleanroom classifications are rated according to how much particulate of specific sizes exist per cubic meter

Food Industry

The food industry has to take utmost care of cleanliness, hygiene  and availability of specified ingredient only.  Any kind of contamination or presence of any other unspecified ingredient will result in sealing of the entire food manufacturing unit overnight.

List of products recommended for Food industries:  Bouffant caps, 2ply/3ply face masks, Shoe covers, Powder free Nitrile/Vinyl gloves, Low lint absorbent wipes.

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Pharmaceutical Industry

This is a huge industry where not only the R&D activities but the entire unit right from material receiving bay to final dispatch platform, the entire process is performed under cleanroom environment. The vaccines & oncological drugs are manufactured and tested under extreme cleanroom conditions.

Products required: Disposable coveralls with safety goggles, gloves & hood/non woven shoe covers, powder free gloves & at times anti static gloves.

Hygiene required: Sticky mats, sanitizers, enzyme based cleaners, sticky rollers, Sontara wipes.

Critical Areas:  Antistatic coveralls, Kimberly clark powder free nitrile gloves, chemical goggles.

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Automotive Industry

The spare parts of railway wagons & automobiles are manufactured & tested under cleanroom facilities. The norms are not as stringent as pharmaceutical units however certain quality of cleanroom consumables have to be used in order to maintain the quality standards of the products.

Products required: Disposable overalls/autoclavable coveralls, Antistatic & powder free gloves, sticky rollers.

Hygiene required: Disinfectants, sanitizers & sticky mats

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Electronic Industry

The static electricity generation is the main concern along with the cleanliness aspect as far as electronic industry cleanroom environment is concerned. Static electricity generation can even destroy the entire batch of crucial electronic components.


Materials required: Antistatic coveralls(hood+booties+antistatic gloves)

Basic requirement: Anti static floor mat installation

Hygiene material: Anti static wipes only & enzyme based cleaners

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