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Lord Walker Socks is an Indian brand that is recently launched by Virat Industries in the Indian Market. Thus they wanted to reach maximum number of people in quick time at a justified cost. Television broadcast was ruled out due to heavy investment at the upfront. There were other traditional channels like newspaper advertisement, however that was very local.


Rudrarjun Engineering and Business Consultants (REBC) proposed to use Social Media Marketing to address the business objective. There was a Brand Awareness campaign launched for two months with bi weekly ads on Facebook and Instagram. Following activities were carried out by REBC:

  1. Editing the images

  2. Copywriting

  3. Setting up of ad according to the target customer

  4. Monitoring the progress

  5. Reporting


In less than ₹4000 more than 220,000 people were reached with hundreds of likes. These results were more than what the client had expected.

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